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The mission of the Center is to promote the healing process of and to protect children who are victims of sexual and/or physical abuse. We will accomplish this with a multi-disciplinary team that will investigate, prosecute, and provide assistance with the main focus on the child.

The Children's Advocacy Center is...
  • A safe location where law enforcement, prosecutors, and child protective services case workers can investigate child abuse.

  • A safe place that offers a child-friendly environment where young vicitims are not afraid to tell what has happened.

  • A safe place where physically and sexually abused children can go to ensure they receive the medical and mental health services they need.

  • A safe place where the needs of child vicitims can be appropriately addressed by those entities involved with the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases and the assessment and treatment of child abuse victims.

  • A safe place where law enforcement, child protective services, prosecution, medical and mental health professionals can receive training to ensure they develop and maintain the expertise necessary to adequately meet the needs of the child vicitms and facilitate the prosecution of individuals who perpetrate such crimes.

  • A safe place where communities can establish opportunities for individuals and organizations to aid child abuse vicitms and their families by providing them with viatl support as well as the tools they will need to heal and eventually grow into healthy and productive citizens capable of making a positive contribution to society.

  • Inteviews
    • Forensic Interviewers are trained to collect information in the child's own words. The goal is to begin with open-ended questions, allowing the child to speak freely, then ask detail questions to obtain information the child has not given.

  • Advocacy
    • The Navarro County Children's Advocacy Center employs both Victim Advocates and Family Advocates

      • Victim Advocates assist the victim and non-offending caregiver with the intake process and Crime Victims' Compensation, as well as provide the victim with information and referrals to community resources. The Victim Advocates' responsibility is to help meet the needs of the family, as well as support the victim through the criminal justice system. They are also there to support the caregiver by providing for emergency needs, informing the caregiver of their rights and roles within the system, and to be a support to the caregiver.

      • Family Advcocates serve to ensure Victim Advocates can focus their attention the victims. The family advocate is responsible day to day tasks.

  • Mental Health Services
    • Mental health counseling and crisis intervention services are made available to the children interviewed at the NCCAC. The on-site counselors use traditional talk therapy as well as play therapy techniques in order to reduce lifelong trauma and its resulting behaviors. Invidual and family counseling sessions help the child to regain trust of others, create a healthy self-image, and learn ways to avoid further victimization. Parents learn skills to help support their child during this stressful period.

  • Medical Examinations
    • Children are referred for medical exams after a forensic interview has been conducted and there is sufficient evidenct to merit such an exam.

  • Child Death Review (CDR)
    • A Child Death Review, or CDR, is process that works to understand child deaths in order to prevent harm to other children.
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