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Connections for Kids offers a number of services to meet the various needs of the clients and courts we serve, including:
  • Observational Supervision - On Site visitation conducted by trained staff and volunteers.

  • Supervised Exchanges - Exchanges of children without parental contact. Independent confirmation of the time of the exchange and circumstances of the exchange are provided by Connections for Kids staff.
We also have cooperative relationships with a number of providers that have experience in working with families in difficult transitions. We offer referrals to these and various other programs when requested.

Fee Schedule:  
Registration Fee $10.00 per Adult
1-hour Single Visit $30.00 per visit
2-hour Single Visit $40.00 per visit
Exchange Only $10.00 per party

Unless fee specific arrangements are noted in the court order, each party will be responsible for half of all fees. All fees are to due and payable at the time of service. Additional fees for case management time or late fees may be assessed on a case by case basis.

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