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Registration Process
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Visitation and Exchange Service Guidelines

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1. Connections for Kids works with clients who have either been ordered by the court to participate in our services or have a formal written agreement to use our services. The first step in registration is to obtain a court order or agreement for all parties to utilize Connections for Kids services.

2. The next step is to complete the various intake forms:
Personal Information Form
Child Care Instructions
Guidelines for Visitation and Exchange Services.

These forms can be faxed to you or you may obtain them by calling your attorney or our office at 903.872.3772

3. After you have completed the intake forms, contact us to schedule an appointment for an orientation session and pay the registration fee and fee for the first visit. Due to the discussion of adult information during orientation, children may not be present during the orientation session.

4. Once all parties have completed registration, Connections for Kids will schedule visitation or exchange based on our availability and the court order or agreement.

5. Parties will be notified through there attorneys once a regular visitation or exchange schedule has been established. Pro se parties will be notified directly.

6. Any changes to the schedule by the parties, once a regular appointment time is established, must be agreed on between the parties. Connections for Kids cannot servce as a mediator or intermediary between parents who request changes in scheduled visitation or exchanges. Please be advised that Connections for Kids may not be able to accomodate all requests for schedule changes due to the other cases we are also providing services for.
7. This should not prevent a Provider from declining to provider service to a family or from terminating service to a family based on an assessment of risk or a determination that the conditions of service required by the referring agency are inappropriate.

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