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Child abuse is a topic nobody wants to talk about. It's uncomfortable, but educating the community about prevention, intervention, and treatment addresses the devastating reality of child abuse and neglect. When we talk about the issue of abuse and take proactive steps to keep our kids safe, we create a community where no perpetrator can gain access to a child. Care for kids is a program that provides different prevention resources and curriculum.
  • Endless Dreams is a program for educators and other professionals who work directly with children in the child welfare system to obtain academic success.

  • We Help Ourselves or WHO is an age-appropriate child safety prevention program focusing on issues for the 21st Century.

  • Space Strategies is a researched child curriculum that focuses on impulsive behavior, boundaries, and bullying.

  • Practical Parent Education is interactive training that works with parents to provide a healthy, happy and safe environment for their children.

Connection for Kids is a non-profit organization that cares for the needs of children whose caregivers are involved in custody litigation by providing a safe environment for supervised visitation and exchanges.

As a non-profit organization we are committed to serving the needs of children and families in the Navarro County region through our role as a neutral third party. We try to provide the structure that families in litigation need in order to allow the children involved ongoing safe contact with their caregivers and relatives. Although we are fee-based, we do offer a sliding scale in certain cases.

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